Mr. Dokerly and the 5

Become a Rioteer

What is a rioteer?

I am building a community of world changers. Underdogs of the world unite!

  1. How well do you pronounce ‘Noni’ with a surprised and confused face?
  2. Can you swear that you will protect the underdog?
  3. Can you pronounce: The legendary kobasticker called JapoJapuJuluJakoVuvuVovoNonix?

If you can do all three then you have what it takes to become a Rioteer.

I’m a rioter. If like me you have a belief and a passion and no matter where you come from you want it to be heard you’re a rioter. If you have the passion for something and want to dedicate your time in improving yourself, then you’re a rioter.

I promise to put as many smiles on people’s faces as possible.